Congressman Frank Wolf

Representing the 10th District of Virginia

Benghazi Select Committee

Investigating the Benghazi Terrorist Attack

I believe the only way the American people will ever really find out what happened in Benghazi on September 11, 2012 is through an investigation led by a single, bipartisan panel that can cut across jurisdictional barriers in Congress, hold public hearings and subpoena witnesses, including senior staff at the Defense Department, State Department, CIA and the White House.  

map of libya

I have introduced legislation, H. Res. 36, to create a House Select Committee on Benghazi. It has more than 180 cosponsors – a majority of the majority in the House – and is endorsed by The American Legion, the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, groups within the Special Operations community, the editorial page of The Wall Street Journal, respected national security leaders, like former Attorney General Mukasey, and some of the family members of the Benghazi victims. 

I am mystified by the fact that the New Jersey Senate and Assembly quickly merged their separate inquiries into the George Washington Bridge controversy to form a unified select investigative committee yet, more than 17 months after the attacks on the U.S. Consulate and CIA annex in Benghazi – where four Americans died, including the first sitting ambassador in 40 years, and many other were wounded – congressional efforts to find out what happened remain disjointed. Don’t we owe it to the families of the victims to do better?”    

I believe "iron sharpens iron" and is why I think a single select committee, with Members of Congress and investigators from each of the five House committees presently investigating the attack working together to ensure a seamless review of all of the facts, is the best way to get to the bottom of what happened that night. I also believe it is the only way anyone will ever be held accountable.

Over the past year, I have repeatedly approached House Leadership about bringing H. Res. 36 to the floor for a vote. I have spoken on the House floor numerous times and remain in constant contact with my colleagues seeking additional co-sponsors to H. Res. 36. (Click here for the full list of co-sponsors) I also remain in close contact with a number of groups of the Hill who want to find out what happened that night.      

This isn't about politics nor is it a vendetta. It's about the legislative branch conducting its most basic responsibility: strong oversight. To date, I do not believe anyone can honestly say Congress has fulfilled its constitutional responsibility with regard to Benghazi.


Question of the Day #12
Why are these heroes being told not to talk?  What is the administration afraid of? 
What is it protecting?

Question of the Day #11
Who in the White House knew what was going on in the CIA annex in Benghazi?

Question of the Day #10
Why was there a facility operated by the CIA in Benghazi?  

Question of the Day #9
Who are the anonymous senior administration officials who admitted "mistakes" in their handling of the attack to CBS News?

Question of the Day #8
What happened in Washington on the night of the attack and in the days to follow?

Question of the Day #7
Ambassador Stevens made several calls for help to nearby consulates. Which foreign consulates did he call? How did those consulates respond?

Question of the Day #6
Why did Gen. [Carter] Ham speak publicly about the military's response at a forum in Aspen, Colorado – where tickets start at $1,200 – yet his testimony before Congress was behind closed doors?

Question of the Day #5
Why was the CIA's security team repeatedly ordered to "stand down"  after the attack began?

Question of the Day #4
Why haven't we applied pressure to countries refusing to allow the FBI to access the terrorists responsible for the attack?

Question of the Day #3
How many Benghazi survivors were forced to sign Non-Disclosure agreements?

Question of the Day #2
Which agency was responsible for vetting the Libyan security guards at the U.S. consulate?

Question of the Day #1
Where are the Benghazi survivors?

CLICK HERE for a full list of questions.

Important Documents

  • Wolf/McCaul letter to State Department asking to use the Rewards for Justice Program to find the Benghazi suspects
  • Wolf/McCaul letter to State Department requesting records about the use of the Rewards for Justice Program to find the Benghazi suspects
  • Letter from respected national security leaders urging Speaker Boehner to create a Select Committee
  • Letter from American Legion endorsing H.Res. 36
  • Reports on the failure of the Benghazi Investigation: